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Certifications: SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA) in SUSE Cloud Application Platform 2
Exam Code: sca_cap2
Exam Name: SCA in SUSE Cloud Application Platform 2 (sca_cap2)
Q&As: 69
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Mit welchem ​​Befehl wird der Hostname des lokalen Systems festgelegt? (Geben Sie NUR den Befehl ohne Pfad oder Parameter an.)
Abschnitt: Netzwerkgrundlagen

A System Manager is creating a production for a case. The production must produce all non-Excel file types in TIFF format and produce all Excel files in native format. All files should be named with a production number. How should this production be created?
A. produce all non-Excel files in TIFF format, named with production numbers; produce all Excel files in Native Only format, named with production numbers
B. produce all non-Excel files in TIFF format, named with production numbers; use Native Only export for the Excel files
C. use a Mixed Mode production, with Excel files produced natively and all other files produced in TIFF format; all files named with production numbers
D. use a Mixed Mode production, with all non-Excel files in TIFF format, named with production numbers; use Metadata export for the Excel files and use option to include native copies
Answer: C

You use Hyper-V server 2008 R2 and failover clustering to host several virtual machines (VMs).
You plan to perform a Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) backup of a Cluster Shared Volume (CSV).
You need to ensure that resources can continue to use the CSV during the VSS backup.
What should you do?
A. Use Failover Cluster Manager to remove dependences from your disk resources.
B. Turn on maintenance mode for the CSV.
C. Configure your VSS-aware backup utility as a generic application in failover clustering.
D. Turn on redirected access for the CSV.
Answer: D
Cluster shared Volumes (CSV) is a new feature implemented in Windows Server 2008 R2 to assist with new scale-up\out scenarios.CSV provides a scalable fault tolerant solution for clustered applications that require NTFS file system access from anywhere in the cluster.In Windows Server 2008 R2, CSV is only supported for use by the Hyper-V role. The purpose of this blog is to provide some basic troubleshooting steps that can be executed to address CSV volumes that show aRedirected Accessstatus in Failover Cluster Manager.It is not my intention to cover the Cluster Shared Volumes feature.For more information on Cluster Shared Volumes consultTechNet. Before diving into some troubleshooting techniques that can be used to resolve Redirected Access issues on Cluster Shared Volumes, let's list some of the basic requirements for CSV as this may help resolve other issues not specifically related to Redirected Access.
Detail sca_cap2 Explanation
* Disks that will be used in the CSV namespace must be MBR or GPT with an NTFS partition. * The drive letter for the system disk must be the same on all nodes in the cluster. * The NTLM protocol must be enabled on all nodes in the cluster. * Only the in-box cluster "Physical Disk" resource type can be added to the CSV namespace.No third party storage resource types are supported. * Pass-through disk configurations cannot be used in the CSV namespace. * All networks enabled for cluster communications must haveClient for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks protocols enabled. * All nodes in the cluster must share the same IP subnets between them as CSV network traffic cannot be routed.For multi-site clusters, this means stretched VLANs must be used. Let's start off by looking at the CSV namespace in a Failover Cluster when all things appear to be `normal.'In
Figure 1, all CSV volumes showOnlinein the Failover Cluster Management interface.
Detail sca_cap2 Explanation
Figure 1 Looking at a CSV volume from the perspective of a highly available Virtual Machine group (Figure 2), the Virtual Machine is Online on one node of the cluster (R2-NODE1), while the CSV volume hosting the Virtual Machine files is Online on another node (R2-NODE2) thus demonstrating how CSV completely disassociates the Virtual Machine resources (Virtual Machine; Virtual Machine Configuration) from the storage hosting them.
Detail sca_cap2 Explanation
Figure 2 When all things are working normally (no backups in progress, etc...) in a Failover Cluster with respect to CSV, the vast majority of all storage I/O is Direct I/O meaning each node hosting a virtual machine(s) is writing directly (via Fibre Channel, iSCSI, or SAS connectivity) to the CSV volume supporting the files associated with the virtual machine(s).A CSV volume showing a Redirected Access status indicates that all I/O to that volume, from the perspective of a particularnode in the cluster, is being redirected over the CSV network to another node in the cluster which still has direct access to the storage supporting the CSV volume. This is, for all intents and purposes, a `recovery' mode.
This functionality prevents the loss of all connectivity to storage. Instead, all storage related I/O is redirected over the CSV network. This is very powerful technology as it prevents a total loss of connectivity thereby allowing virtual machine workloads to continue functioning. This provides the cluster administrator an opportunity to evaluate the situation and live migrate workloads to other nodes in the cluster not experiencing connectivity issues. All this happens behind the scenes without users knowing what is going on. The end result may be slower performance (depending on the speed of the network interconnect, for example, 10 GB vs. I GB) since we are no longer using direct, local, block level access to storage. We are, instead, using remote file system access via the network using SMB. There are basically four reasons a
CSV volume may be in aRedirected Accessmode. * The user intentionally places the CSV Volume in
Redirected Access mode. * There is a storage connectivity failure for a node in which case all I\O is
redirected over a cluster network designated for CSV traffic to another node.
* A backup of a CSV volume is in progress or failed.
* An incompatible filter driver is installed on the node. Lets' take a look at a CSV volume inRedirected
Accessmode (Figure 3).
Detail sca_cap2 Explanation
Figure 3 When a CSV volume is placed in Redirected Accessmode, a Warning message (Event ID 5136) is registered in the System Event log. (Figure 4).
Detail sca_cap2 Explanation
Figure 4 For additional information on event messages that pertain specifically to Cluster Shared Volumes please consult TechNet.
Let's look at each one of the four reasons I mentioned and propose some troubleshooting steps that can help resolve the issue. Users are able to manually place a CSV volume in Redirected Access mode by simply selecting a CSV volume, Right-Click on the resource, select More Actions and then selectTurn on redirected access for this Cluster shared volume(Figure 5).
Detail sca_cap2 Explanation
Figure 5 Therefore, the first troubleshooting step should be to try turning off Redirected Access mode in the Failover Cluster Management interface.
2. There is a storage connectivity issue: When a node loses connectivity to attached storage that is supporting a CSV volume, the cluster implements a recovery mode by redirecting storage I\O to another node in the cluster over a network that CSV can use.The status of the cluster Physical Disk resource associated with the CSV volume isRedirected Accessand all storage I\O for the associated virtual machine
(s) being hosted on that volume is redirected over the network to another node in the cluster that has direct access to the CSV volume. This is by far thenumber one reasonCSV volumes are placed inRedirected Accessmode. Troubleshoot this as you would any other loss of storage connectivity on a server. Involve the storage vendor as needed. Since this is a cluster, the cluster validation process can also be used as part of the troubleshooting process to test storage connectivity. Look for the following event ID in the system event log. Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-FailoverClustering Date: 10/8/2010 6:16:39 PM Event ID:5121 Task Category: Cluster Shared Volume Level: Error Keywords: User: SYSTEM Computer: Description:Cluster Shared Volume 'DATA-LUN1' ('DATA-LUN1') is no longer directly accessible from this cluster node. I/O access will be redirected to the storage device over the network through the node that owns the volume. This may result in degraded performance. If redirected access is turned on for this volume, please turn it off. If redirected access is turned off, please troubleshoot this node's connectivity to the storage device and I/O will resume to a healthy state once connectivity to the storage device is reestablished.
3.A backup of a CSV volume fails: When a backup is initiated on a CSV volume, the volume is placed inRedirected Accessmode. The type of backup being executed determines how long a CSV volume stays in redirected mode. If a software backup is being executed, the CSV volume remains in redirected mode until the backup completes. If hardware snapshots are being used as part of the backup process, the amount of time a CSV volume stays in redirected mode will be very short.
For a backup scenario, the CSV volume status is slightly modified.The status actually shows asBackup in progress, Redirected Access (Figure 6) to allow you to better understand why the volume was placed inRedirected Accessmode. When the backup application completes the backup of the volume, the cluster must be properly notified so the volume can be brought out of redirected mode.
Detail sca_cap2 Explanation
Figure 6 A couple of things can happen here.Before proceeding down this road, ensure a backup is reallynotin progress. The first thing that needs to be considered is that the backup completes but the application did not properly notify the cluster that it completed so the volume can be brought out of redirected mode.The proper call that needs to be made by the backup application isClusterClearBackupStateForSharedVolumewhich is documented onMSDN.If that is the case, you should be able to clear theBackup in progress, Redirected Accessstatus by simulating a failure on the CSV volume using the cluster PowerShell cmdletTest-ClusterResourceFailure. Using the CSV volume shown in Figure 6, an example would be Test-ClusterResourceFailure "35 GB Disk" If this clears the redirected status, then the backup application vendor needs to be notified so they can fix their application. The second consideration concerns a backup that fails, but the application did not properly notify the cluster of the failure so the cluster still thinks the backup is in progress. If a backup fails, and the failure occurs before a snapshot of the volume being backed up is created, then the status of the CSV volume should be reset by itself after a 30 minute time delay.If, however, during the backup, a software snapshot was actually created (assuming the application creates software snapshots as part of the backup process), then we need to use a slightly different approach. To determine if any volume shadow copies exist on a CSV volume, use thevssadmincommand line utility and runvssadmin list shadows(Figure 7).
Detail sca_cap2 Explanation
Figure 7 Figure 7 shows there is a shadow copy that exists on the CSV volume that is inRedirected Accessmode. Use thevssadminutility to delete the shadow copy (Figure 8).Once that completes, the CSV volume should come Onlinenormally.If not, change the Coordinator node by moving the volume to another node in the cluster and verify the volume comesOnline.
Detail sca_cap2 Explanation
Figure 8 4.An incompatible filter driver is installed in the cluster:The last item in the list has to do with filter drivers introduced by third party application(s) that may be running on a cluster node and are incompatible with CSV. When these filter drivers are detected by the cluster, the CSV volume is placed in redirected mode to help prevent potential data corruption on a CSV volume.When this occurs anEvent ID 5125[EC4] Warningmessage is registered in the System Event Log.Here is a sample message 17416 06/23/2010
04:18:12 AMWarning<node_name>5125Microsoft-Windows-FailoverClusterin Cluster Shared Vol NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEMCluster Shared Volume 'Volume2' ('Cluster Disk 6') has identified one or more active filter drivers on this device stack that could interfere with CSV operations. I/O access will be redirected to the storage device over the network through another Cluster node. This may result in degraded performance. Please contact the filter driver vendor to verify interoperability with Cluster Shared Volumes. Active filter drivers found: <filter_driver_1>,<filter_driver_2>,<filter_driver_3> The cluster log will record warning messages similar to these 7c8:088.06/10[06:26:07.394](000000) WARN[DCM] filter <filter_name> found at unsafe altitude
<altitude_numeric> 7c8:088.06/10[06:26:07.394](000000) WARN[DCM] filter <filter_name>found at unsafe altitude <altitude_numeric> 7c8:088.06/10[06:26:07.394](000000) WARN[DCM] filter <filter_name>found at unsafe altitude <altitude_numeric> Event ID 5125 is specific to a file system filter driver.If, instead, an incompatible volume filter driver were detected, anEvent ID 5126would be registered.For more information on the difference between file and volume filter drivers, consultMSDN. Note:Specific filter driver names and altitudes have been intentionally left out.The information can be decoded by downloading the `File System Minifilter Allocated Altitudes' spreadsheetposted on the Windows Hardware Developer Central public website. Additionally, thefltmc.execommand line utility can be run to enumerate filter drivers.An example is shown in Figure 9.
Detail sca_cap2 Explanation
Figure 9 Once the Third Party filter driver has been identified, the application should be removed and\or the vendor contacted to report the problem. Problems involving Third Party filter drivers are rarely seen but still need to be considered.
Hopefully, I have provided information here that will get you started down the right path to resolving issues that involve CSV volumes running in aRedirected Accessmode.

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